“It is our most earnest desire to be a part of those who will usher in the second coming of Jesus the Christ. But before Jesus will come to end sin and suffering, deliver his saints, and end the great conflict between good and evil, prophecy foretells that there will be a group of saints so in harmony with Him that they will shine with the glory of God. In order to facilitate their development, our aim is to practice, train, and promote Spirit-led, integrative and collaborative methods of reaching people through healing, preaching, teaching, and media, online and in-person.”

[u_testimonial scroll=”1″][u_testimonial_item name=”John-Mark S.” title=”Glendale, AZ” avatar=”4680″]”Jeff and Janelle are an inspiration! It is so awesome to see young people like them allowing Jesus to work in them and through them to reach this dying world with practical, life changing, messages of hope! They are doing the work that Jesus has called His people to do in such a time as this and they are doing it His way. This vital ministry is preparing a people not only to stand true and be faithful during these final scenes of earth’s history but to finally meet Jesus face to face.”[/u_testimonial_item][u_testimonial_item name=”Antoinette D.” title=”Chandler, AZ” avatar=”4677″]”I had the opportunity to work with Jeff Louis of S.H.I.N.E. on a few occasions, including a Bible worker training that he conducted, when he hosted the East Valley Bible Studies, and when he was the speaker for a Revelation [seminar]… Jeff Louis is a man of God, a great speaker, and very knowledgeable. [He] is passionate about the Bible and ministry and…when called upon to explain and interpret the scriptures or to share biblical perspectives and interpretations…he will impart in the most authentic and comforting way.”[/u_testimonial_item][u_testimonial_item name=”Victoria M.” title=”Tempe, AZ” avatar=”4681″]”The health exposition organized and executed by S.H.I.N.E. was well-organized and impactful. The best part of this initiative was getting to see a collection of various people, from various churches, with various experiences and expertise working together in such unity, and seeing the community share how this was a blessing to them.”[/u_testimonial_item][/u_testimonial]



Holy Bible-96

A spirituality that is Holy Spirit-guided, prayer-focused, deeply biblical, and centered in Jesus and His righteousness is paramount to spiritual success.



Man was created as an integrated being. The best ministry we can be engaged in will take into consideration and address the  physical, spiritual, mental, and social needs of a person. That will always be the most effective and winsome strategy. 



Global leadership in this prophetic vision is needed in this era of human history. We seek to produce leaders to help accomplish the vision in the local church, local conferences, divisions, general conference, and supporting ministries.


Spiral Bulb-96

We must use sound, proven, biblical principles to do our work more effectively through the power of the Holy Spirit. Innovation is an important aspect of our work.



God uses most effectively the best offerings of a surrendered heart. Our God is a superb Being and part of being like Him is striving for excellence in our work. The results we leave to God.



S.H.I.N.E. exists to practice and promote Christ’s method of reaching people through whole-person care in the context of prophetically-inspired, strategic planning to reach the world’s most populated areas.



Jesus sent out his disciples in companies and small groups. This provided the needed moral and physical support a worker might need in the field. We believe that every worker needs support. We are dedicated to supporting our students and partners in educational, material and professional development. 



Collaboration is an important part of becoming effective workers in God’s vineyard. Cooperation is staple of S.H.I.N.E. thinking.


We have chosen to launch SEI with a series of 3-month gospel and medical missionary training courses entitled the Gospel Health Evangelism Series (G.H.E.S.). Click the button below to learn more about the G.H.E.S.!

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We also provide live, on-site training for groups worldwide. If you are interested in hosting the S.H.I.N.E. Global team for a training or to learn more about the live training opportunities that we offer, click the button below.

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We are pleased to provide a collection of helpful articles, audio, and video files that will enrich your study of devotional, theological, and health-oriented concepts. To view these resources, click the button below.

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