Dr. Janelle A. Louis, ND

Dr. Janelle Louis is a gospel health evangelist, an author, and a licensed naturopathic doctor (Vermont) practicing at Focus Integrative Healthcare in the state of Georgia. Although she addresses a variety of conditions in her private practice, Dr. Louis specializes in helping people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences overcome the four categories of chronic health concerns that they are at increased risk for—mental health concerns, reproductive concerns, autoimmune conditions, and metabolic syndrome-related concerns. In addition to her ND degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, she also holds a B.A. in Applied Linguistics and an A.S. in Biology. Her unique educational experience has prepared her to instruct others by presenting seemingly complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner and to assist in organizing and conducting sustainable community medical missions. Before medical school, Dr. Louis worked in full-time gospel health evangelism assisting lifestyle guests in regaining health and teaching several courses related to this field. Being TEFL-certified, she also taught English to speakers of other languages. During medical school, she gained valuable experiences treating patients at traditional and community clinics throughout the state of Arizona who presented with a variety of ailments. Using the health ministry to gain access to souls has always been her purpose and passion. In order to help advance this much-needed work, she desires to fulfill the great need of imparting biblically- and scientifically-sound training to gospel health evangelists so that they may labor intelligently, responsibly, and systematically for the cause of Christ.