Please only submit this application if you have read the Course Outcomes and are serious about enrolling to be trained in our Spring 2019 quarter starting March 31, 2019. 

In the Foundations of Gospel Health Evangelism course, you will learn a reliable system that works well for consultations and health coaching (e.g. how to help people actually get physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially well) and you’ll also get additional help on the legal and business aspects of health coaching (e.g. how to get clients and have a professional public-facing presence) through our Business Center, where we teach you many of the tactics we use to attract patients to our own practice. The course textbook and domestic shipping are included in the cost of the course ($394.95 USD); international students will need to cover shipping of the course textbook, which is typically about $15 USD.

Note: This course is most suited to individuals who have a basic knowledge of the principle of God’s method of healing, either through reading books like Ministry of Healing or through receiving formal medical missionary training.

Please Also Note: If you do not live in the United States, please be sure to download the app WhatsApp on your phone. If we experience difficulty contacting you via email, we will use text messages via WhatsApp.

Foundations Course Spring 2019 Application

    In which of the following have you been formally trained? NoneBible workMedical missionary workCanvassingMassage therapyMental healthSocial workTheology/religionMedicine

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