Health Seminars

Optimal living looks different for everyone. To a person who has been diagnosed with a disease, optimal living may simply mean waking up pain-free. To others, optimal living may mean avoiding a disease that seems to plague their family. Whether you have already been diagnosed with a health condition, are looking to lower risk factors and prevent the onset of disease, or have not been diagnosed with any diseases, we all want to live optimally.

During our “Optimal Living” seminar, we discuss humanity as physical, mental, spiritual, and social beings and the impact of these four aspects of humanity on our abilities to live optimally. We then delve into the top ten leading causes of death in the United States (contact us for details on international seminars). We take a look at statistics, risk factors, prevention, and finally, steps to take after having been diagnosed with each condition in order to retard the progression of disease, reverse disease where possible, and, above all, live optimally.

We also offer seminars on specific diseases of your choosing. If you would like to schedule a health seminar, use the contact form on the “Contact Us” tab (see navy blue menu above).

Health Coaching and Personalized Wellness Plans

S.H.I.N.E. Global Ministry offers health coaching to interested individuals. During our health coaching sessions, we sit down with you (either in person, via telephone, or via video conference) and get a complete understanding of your state of health. We provide lifestyle education as needed and explain any lab results that you may have collected from your primary care physician and chosen to share with us. We then cooperatively develop an individualized wellness plan tailored specifically for you, provide you with any additional materials or information that you may need to implement this plan, and schedule a follow-up appointment. In order to schedule an initial wellness consultation, please click here to complete our questionnaire.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Most people would make healthier choices if they were taught how. In our healthy cooking classes, we seek to make healthy eating and living simple by presenting tips that improve convenience; teaching easy-to-make, delicious recipes; and incorporating attendee participation. If you would like to schedule a group cooking class, use the contact form on our “Contact Us” tab (see navy blue menu above).

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