In-patient Wellness Center

  • What: we plan to open an inpatient wellness center specifically focused on addressing mental health conditions and chronic disease. Individuals and groups will be able to come to this center to learn how to best care for their bodies in order to prevent disease as well as receive integrative treatment for their diagnosed conditions. SEI health coaches will also be able to receive practical experience and instruction as paid interns at this center.
  • When: we aim to open this wellness center as soon as the Lord opens the way. We are currently searching for the ideal property for this project in the state of Kansas. Our functional medicine practice, Focus Integrative Healthcare, will serve as a feeder institution to the wellness center.
  • Where: we plan to open this center in a rural location just outside of the Kansas City area on the Kansas side. We chose the state of Kansas because there is no facility similar to that which we intend to start here and because the state of Kansas regulates naturopathic medicine. Because Kansas regulates the practice of naturopathic medicine, our medical director, as a licensed naturopathic doctor, will be able to run the appropriate labs, diagnose conditions as needed, and make appropriate referrals for patients who come to the wellness center. We are considering cities such as LaCygne, Paola, Louisburg, Wellsville, and the surrounding areas as these cities are within reasonable proximity to our Overland Park clinic, yet are in retired, more rural settings.
  • Why: we have chosen this as our first project because the world is in need of physical, mental, spiritual, and social healing. We recognize that when individuals are struggling with their physical and/or mental health, or even their social relations, it can be difficult to clearly hear God’s voice. We believe that, when these obstacles are removed, people will recognize more clearly the claims that God has on their lives as well as the opportunity that is afforded to them to choose eternal life. We consider it to be our Christian duty to do what we can to help lessen the suffering that is all around us.
  • How you can help: you can help by making a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation to S.H.I.N.E. Global, Inc. You may use our DONATE button at the bottom of this page or, when making a purchase in our store, you may add a donation of any amount to your cart at checkout.


Other Ministry Needs

  • GBC MP2000C4 Modular Series 4:1 Fixed Dye Coil Binding Punch: Having this particular piece of equipment in our possession will enable us to quickly produce spiral-bound course materials for our weekend training courses.
  • Professional Video Editing Software and Computer: This will enable us to quickly edit video content for our online courses and other video resources.
  • Sony PXWZ100 4K Handheld XDCAM Memory Camcorder: Having this particular camcorder in our possession will enable us to quickly produce high-quality instructional videos for our online courses and other video resources.


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